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Ouidah, Degoue beach school

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Ouidah, Bénin.

This name should resonate as a high place of pilgrimage. Hopefully it will.

Very often the participants choose a quote, work on a few movements, discuss, laugh around a few words; but the lack of space has driven our objectives back to the stars. So we decided to push back the walls. It was enough to spill over the slate, write, draw on the tables, on the floor, on the walls. This table so neatly arranged which forms ... formalizes the child; we released her. So it has become a work of art and a work of art has no limit. Everyone has therefore reinvested in this magnificent place of class. One goal, not to forget this day when the class full of ideas came close to the stars. To do so, we have chosen the magnificent quote from Picasso, It takes a long time to become young.

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