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Luke, I am your... philosopher

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Philosophy drawing workshop around the Star Wars anthology series.

This workshop is intended for students who wished to return to college during the holidays but in a slightly nicer setting.

You guessed it, this workshop is a dive into the world of Star Wars and so that there are no accidents, detour to the dark side of the force, we have respected the safety stops:

_ making a stencil in the form of Darth Vader mask;

_ draw the main features of Darth Vader's face with a pencil;

_ choice of a quote;

_ speaking time around quotes;

_ coloring of the drawings with the chosen quote in mind

_ write the quote;

_ make the background.

_ speaking time on our work

It took us two two-hour workshops to produce all of the works. We took the time to help each other, to share, to laugh, to listen to a few pieces of music while eating cookies, etc. life you know.

#starwars #atelierphilo #vacancesaucollège

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