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The breath of his soul brushed against us

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Here is what we can read between the lines of his first poem. The words of a flight, written to sanctify his first flight, accompany his readers for life. For the end of 2016, we have chosen to highlight them. We therefore produced phosphorescent posters with the children of Piquecos, a village in the south of France. Everyone left with their achievement.

As anecdote, the testimony of a 94-year-old Montalbanian who told me: in the 1930s, the children of Montauban lived to the rhythm of rugby, on Sundays at 3 p.m. in the Sapiac basin, and the passage of a plane from the Aéropostale which made the Montaudran - Paris line on Wednesdays around noon. We were praying, hoping that Saintex would pass over our heads.

It took us two two-hour workshops to complete all of the works. We took the time to help each other, to share, to laugh, to listen to a few pieces of music while eating cookies, etc. life you know.

Workshop magic book on Antoine de St Exupéry

The participants of the Clémenceau college (Paris 18th) initially chose a quote from St Exupéry. They had to justify their choice in a time of speaking where philosophy and joy went hand in hand. Then they learned to use a brush and the mixture of colored inks. Finally they drew lots for the faces of their comrades that I had drawn on paper so that they could paint them. The Healthy Text is of course a nod to Saintex and to the well-being that quotes provide to students through the reflection that this brings.


At the end of the school year, some sixth grade students from Clémenceau college (Paris 18th) wanted to participate in the workshop "Le monde d'Antoine". Taking the time to draw, choose the right quote, discuss it, laugh, sing, this preparation for going on vacation was an extraordinary moment of joy and sharing.

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