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D'Ange Heureuse Montauban, A documentary about a rugby town

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

on May 28, 1967, the USM won its title of French rugby champion. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the title, the USM, the Rugby pour Tous association, the FORT, have decided to set up an exhibition, the production of a documentary available on YouTube and several creative workshops within the space. du FORT with the artist Pierre-Jean Fasan.


Tables, photo montages, videos were exhibited at the FORT center to the delight of rugby fans.

The project will allow a Beninese player supervised by Rugby For All association to come to Montauban in November 2017. Here is the report as well as some bonus videos.

Local newspaper articles :

le Petit Journal : the link

La Dépêche : the link

Le Rugbynistère : the link

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