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Laurette Fugain Association

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

It is thanks to the Laurette Fugain association that I was able to lead a website construction workshop at the Saint Louis hospital in the heart of Paris, every Friday in November and December 2015. Differentiated teaching has served as a lever for this magnificent adventure. You will find the rest of the article on the association's website, while waiting here is an excerpt:

« Having never set up the Learn to Understand workshops in a hospital setting, I went through trial and error. Highlighting of creations, digital music workshop, website construction, photos, music videos, what to choose and how?

I found that it was enough to come, to get started, to be there, to be. Because there the people are. They are full of life, meaning, starting with the secretary who welcomes you with a smile, the doctor, Marion the animation manager. We talked, laughed, played, created music on iPad, started creating websites, we looked at each other. We enjoyed the weather, quietly. "

The construction of the websites finally captured the attention of AJA coquelicot patients ... "

I would like to dedicate this workshop to Serge P.

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