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The project in progress since the beginning of the school year at Clémenceau college, Or FLuo is a Hip hop, Afro clip made with the students of the choir. They sing about the life of the Goutte d'Or district, with its companies with ethical approaches, with its inhabitants who form a large intercultural family. Writing makes sense, the ethical approach is more than "validated" by the students. Digital is added to our educational work for the editing of the clip then once again the text becomes more and more interactive. You can click on the links to read the various quotes that we refer to.

Dance Joy Jumping / Unplugged laptop
You didn't let go of my flow / you yourself know we're going to fly away
Never stand idly by / jam on ideas

Head full of big dreams you won't be able to zap

Kon Tiki / the big wandering raft
And proves in the dynamics that the goal is attainable
Too emotional (you dive) your course is making waves
Here take the buoy, I'm not throwing jokes at you

No laughs of tears / army of giggles
Here it is pan-soul / a life in delirium

op "discharged" / flowers in golden parachute
Open-hearted melody / I operate in ideas

blah blah no I'm not lying
Aperitif of flow when you're flustered
As a starter, gibberish salad
On a mix of words sauced with

(Pure Love pure O2) yeah Pure Love Pure O2
A breath / ticklish neon gold / we are in
(Pure Love pure O2) yeah Pure love Pure O2

10,000 meters from odious debates (echo)

At your place there is
200 t-shirts (yes) / 2000 sneakers (ouiiiiiii)

Charcoal gray class your heart loses its color
Stop window shopping / in pain of rocker
La mal-sape animates you on the 18th for the sappers

Hmmm sappers yeah colorful
A vital card all by itself
Does the social security reimburse the flower suit?
Classified essential oil by ambianceurs
Dance in cadence no soft talker
Here the nit-pickers give way to big hearts
Join us in scull / sacred except tracker
with the same / sweaty smile
art of living as a scout
art of living as a scout

(Pure Love pure O2) yeah Pure love Pure O2
A breath / ticklish neon gold / we are in
(Pure Love pure O2) yeah Pure love Pure O2
10,000 meters from odious debates (echo)

In leniency my business is inclusive
Never wandering, I speak 70 languages

Here politeness takes precedence / it is benevolence
The good humor capital leads to wisdom

Russian translation

(Pure Love pure O2) yeah Pure love Pure O2
A breath / ticklish neon gold / we are in
(Pure Love pure O2) yeah Pure love Pure O2

10,000 meters from odious debates (echo)

Me I Me I / the wall speaks / he hits himself on the stomach a perfect shielding
Some rappers fear / there is no age / to confuse the blanket and the calibration
Refusal / from the court to the court (of the king) / the zermi of thought leads to crumbling
Love the carnage, shared selfishness, you blow everything up and disappear during the editing.

Your Karriessss resonate / hummm it looks hollow to me
Not right in the boots / still lame
You feed the clichés / it serves the haters
Guignol of the intoxicating himself as a demigod
When your kalash is loaded / missing an E
The feminine fits Dude, what's in your eyes
No value when you leave your sister behind the teleprompter and take yourself seriously

Mi-grateur, half talker
Modern man is a con artist
He builds walls / wants to be the owner
Needs a cure / then becomes a dealer
Erase the feminine / think oneself a switch
Sees himself a mediator / but remains a gunner

Your ethics / it's ego trip
It gives me tics / when we see your clips
Team spirit / but you blame the referee
You never assume / forget my playlist

Stupidity / when you just live
I'm fine everything is fine / Zlatan is enough for you

Pure laziness / Brel had already told you
it's silly to repeat what the past has suffered

Mey hoon, Mey hoon, dewar bat ker rahi hey.

Tum aisi cheeze ko mar rahey ho jo key all nahi sakti

tum buhat bur (rap) gatey ho.

Is ki ki omar nahi hoti is omar mey khloney key sath kehlna chaiey na key bandooq

Tum kach nahi sunnh chateuy tum a pony

aap ko bada samjhtey hu jesey key badshhh ki tarha

Ziada sohney sey ziada pareshani hoti hey

jo ghund gardi pasand kartey hey tum

sirf buri chizey battey ho

tum sub chezey tod detey ho aur kuch bhi sahi nahi kartey

gab hum ghar sey kam key liey nikaltey hey hamey nahi pata key shavad

hamari wapsi akhbar mey hon

(Bus driver) yeah Bus driver / (Bus driver) yeah Bus driver
(Bus driver) I'm too relaxed / (Bus driver) unexpected turn
(Bus driver) rain of words like shells / (Bus driver) yeah Bus driver
(Bus driver) turn in the embankment / (Bus driver) hypertensive take-off

One two three sun in my checklist
Overweight - takeoff at the end of the runway
I pass the clouds / it's never automatic
from landscape to wise country I build my future

I zapped / that it was impossible
we took off / never looked for a target
we had fun / altitude no limit
We don't talk about money / zombie life

I take height / from here the earth is round
By gravity in the hypermonde
Nothing left in the viewfinder / not even the cast iron pusher
I send you the smile of the Mona Lisa

Our know-how and partners
on the whole Earth / big game of the goose
Two steps ahead, one small step back
You will like the wrinkle / I don't doubt it

Coco and Co a seizure of pogos
Rhythmic / poetic Baïne / for water rats / My combine / on your back
I oxygenate the water and you forget all the sores

The words shine / it dose with fluoride
We fly over yeah because we make the effort
now it's delirium and rains of glitter
when the instrument sparkles I take you to the big party

(Pure Love pure O2) yeah Pure love Pure O2
A breath / ticklish neon gold / we are in
(Pure Love pure O2) yeah Pure love Pure O2
10,000 meters from odious debates (echo)

Or FLuo - Apprendre à comprendre
00:00 / 00:00

Unfortunately only this audio is available. The computer containing the videos of the clip as well as the audio to be mixed is damaged.

_ "I sometimes tell myself that if my head is so big, it's because it's full of dreams" John Merrick - The Elephant Man

_ Kon Tiki: name of the raft of anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl which crossed the Pacific Ocean (from Chile to T ahiti) in 1947.

_ Op "unloaded": Kalashnikov operation unloaded

_ Mana: great Polynesian spirit

_ 10,000 meters away from odious debates: it is said of Antoine de St Exupéry that he flies 10,000 feet from "mundane aperitifs."

_ Anthracite gray class your heart loses its color: Cf Ja Lebachelor, Parisian sapper, designer of elegance and owner of Sape & CO.

_ Here politeness takes precedence: advice from Roland Barthes "politeness above all else".

_ Me I Me I / the wall speaks: cf Breaking the Wall by Pink Floyd, where the one who is against, locks himself in a wall.

_ These verses are aimed at certain rappers whose lyrics are not constructive.

_ "Stupidity is laziness. Stupidity is a type who lives, and he says to himself: that's enough for me. That's enough for me. I live, I'm fine, that's enough for me. And he doesn't kick himself. ass every morning saying: it's not enough, you don't know enough things, you don't see enough things, you don't do enough things. It's laziness I think is stupidity. Kind of fat around the heart coming in; fat around the brain. I believe that's it. " Jacques Brel.

_ "They didn't know it was impossible, so they did" Mark Twain.

Jacques Brel

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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